Model: VLBG 40
Platform Sizes: 90×36+16
Lifting Capacity: 4000 lbs
Ramp: 16″ Retention Ramp
Retention System: Automatic folding retention cage
Lift Mechanism: Cable and pulley with cable brake for added safety
Adjustments: Adjustment to accommodate cable stretch
Platform Closing: Power close, cam activated
Controls: Military spec toggle switch control
Operation: Gravity down, level ride
H-Frame: 3/8″ high yield strength material
Lift Cylinder: 3.5″ bore x 30″ stroke
Platform Surface: Steel skid-resistant safety plate
Power Unit: Electric hydraulic, 12 volt DC motor, enclosed
Electrical: Meets all TMC electrical requirements, includes 150 amp circuit breaker
Travel Position: Platform stores in vertical position at rear of vehicle
Bed Height Range: 44″ loaded to 55″ empty
Installed Weight: 1670 to 1720 lbs
Options: Remote Pendant, In-Cab Shut Off, 102″ Wide, Bar Grate Platform, Battery Kits