Designed for the use on van and stake bodies, cutaways, and step-vans, the NEW AND IMPROVED Thieman TVLR railgate series is a reliable, low-maintenance, general-purpose liftgate.

This popular railgate has a wide range of lift capacities and is available for above-bed and special low-bed application. If overall weight is a concern the Thieman all aluminum AATVLR could be the right answer.

With its many standard features and versatile options, the NEW AND IMPROVED Thieman TVLR series, continues to be the future of general purpose railgates.

Model: TVLR 125A
Platform Sizes: 75×30+5
Lifting Capacity: 1250 lbs
Ramp: 5″ Fixed ramp
Above Bed Lift: Platform to travel 10″ – 16″ above bed of truck (above bed travel dependent on bed height of truck)
Lift Mechanism: Roller chain and sprockets
Sliders: S3 x 5.7 I-Beam with UHMW wear pads and bottom rollers
Platform Closing: Torsion assist closing with enclosed torsion bar
Safety Latch: Automatic safety latch for hands-free disengagement of platform both in and out of stowed position
Controls: Molded toggle switch control
H-Frame: 3/16 gauge construction, overall width 5″ wider than platform width
Lift Cylinder: 2″ bore x 27″ stroke
Platform Surface: Steel skid resistant safety plate
Power Unit: Electric hydraulic, 12 volt DC motor, enclosed
Electrical: Meets all TMC electrical requirements, includes 150 amp circuit breaker
Travel Position: Platform stores in vertical position at rear of vehicle
Bed Height Range: 32″ loaded to 46″ empty
Installed Weight: 570 to 600 lbs
Options: Push Button, Remote Pendant, In-Cab Shut Off, Light Kits, Bottle Gas Rack, 8″ / 10″ / 12″ Retention Ramps, Expanded Metal / Bar Grate Platform