Designed for handling heavy palletized or bulky loads, the THIEMAN VL series is available with platform sizes up to 90″ wide x 72″ deep.

The THIEMAN VL platform lowers below bed height for dock loading and easy access to the cargo door.

Designed for strength and durability, the VL is built with the strongest “H” frame in the industry. With the heavy duty frame, high quality roller bearings and a cycle tested, premium lift cable, the THIEMAN VL is the leader of its class.

Model: VL 40
Platform Sizes: 90×36+6
90×60+12 (two-piece)
90×72+12 (two-piece)
Lifting Capacity: 4000 lbs
Ramp: 6″ Fixed Ramp, 12″ Fixed Ramp
Lift Mechanism: Cable and pulley with cable brake for added safety
Adjustments: Adjustment to accommodate cable stretch
Platform Closing: Power close, cam activated
Controls: Military spec toggle switch control
Operation: Gravity down, Level ride
H-Frame: 3/8″ high yield strength material
Lift Cylinder: 3.5″ bore x 30″ stroke
Platform Surface: Steel skid resistant safety plate
Power Unit: Electric hydraulic, 12 volt DC motor, enclosed
Electrical: Meets all TMC electrical requirements, includes 150 amp circuit breaker
Travel Position: Platform stores in vertical position at rear of vehicle
Bed Height Range: 44″ loaded to 55″ empty
Installed Weight: 1625 to 1815 lbs
Options: Remote Pendant, In-Cab Shut Off, 102″ Wide, 16″ Aluminum Retention Ramp, Automatic Cart Stop, Battery Kits