Designed for use on van and stake bodies, cutaways, and step-vans, the THIEMAN TVL railgate series is the most reliable, lowmaintenance, general-purpose liftgate available in the industry.

This popular railgate has the widest range of lift capacities in its class and is available for above-bed and special low-bed applications. If overall weight is a concern, the THIEMAN all-aluminum TVL could be the answer.

With its many standard features and versatile options, the TVL series from THIEMAN continues to be the leader of the general-purpose railgates.

Model: TVL 125A
Platform Sizes: 75×30+5
Lifting Capacity: 1250 lbs
Ramp: 5″ Fixed ramp
Above Bed Lift: Platform to travel 10″ – 16″ above bed of truck (above bed travel dependent on bed height of truck)
Lift Mechanism: Roller chain and sprockets
Sliders: S3 x 5.7 I-Beam with UHMW wear pads
Platform Closing: Torsion assist closing with enclosed torsion bar
Safety Latch: Automatic safety latch for hands-free disengagement of platform both in and out of stowed position
Controls: Molded toggle switch control
H-Frame: 7 gauge construction, overall width 5″ wider than platform width
Lift Cylinder: 2″ bore x 27″ stroke
Platform Surface: Steel skid resistant safety plate
Power Unit: Electric hydraulic, 12 volt DC motor, enclosed
Electrical: Meets all TMC electrical requirements, includes 150 amp circuit breaker
Travel Position: Platform stores in vertical position at rear of vehicle
Bed Height Range: 32″ loaded to 46″ empty
Installed Weight: 570 to 600 lbs
Options: Push Button, Remote Pendant, In-Cab Shut Off, Light Kits, Bottle Gas Rack, 8″ / 10″ / 12″ Retention Ramps, Expanded Metal / Bar Grate Platform, Slider w/Rollers, LEDs